Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dragon City Tips, Hints and Battle Strategies

dragon city
List of Dragon City Weakness and Resistance
This list is useful for you if you are “using” one of these dragon types. The effectiveness listing is organized based on the listing of the weaknesses.

Metal Element
Weaknesses: Electric
Resistances: Fire, Earth, metal
Effective against: Ice, Earth
Resisted by: Electric, Fire

Ice Element
Weaknesses: Fire, Metal
Resistances: Water
Effective against: Earth
Resisted by: Fire

Earth Element
Weaknesses: Ice, water, metal
Resistances: Electric, fire
Effective against: None
Resisted by: Metal, Water

Water Element
Weaknesses: Fire and Dark
Resistances: Earth, water, plant
Effective against: Earth, Fire, Electric
Resisted by: Ice

Fire Element
Weaknesses: Water, electric
Resistances: Ice, Metal, plant, fire
Effective against: Ice, Water, Plant
Resisted by: Metal, Earth, Fire

Plant Element
Weaknesses: Earth and Ice
Resistances: Dark
Effective against: Water
Resisted by: Fire

Electric Element
Weaknesses: Water
Resistances: Electric, metal
Effective against: Water, Fire, Metal
Resisted by: Earth

Battle Strategies

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